Monday, December 22, 2008

Commissioned Portrait, oil on board, 8x10

This is a commissioned portrait that I've been working on. I do love to paint portraits! They're my favorite subject to paint, although I enjoy other subjects, too. It was a joy to paint this portrait which was commissioned by his wife.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In progress, 20x24, oil on canvas

Here's a painting I'm working on. I still have a lot to do on it, but you can tell it's painted from the study, Sisters in Awe of Nature, and the photo taken in the Tetons many years ago.

It's snowing at the moment--yes I said IT'S SNOWING!!! It's dark, so I'll have to wait until morning to take good pictures. I took a picture out the kitchen window of my husband's truck almost covered with snow a few minutes ago. Hope there's plenty to take pictures of in the morning. We don't get snow very often here in East Texas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WINTER PANSIES oil on board, 6x4

Yes, I'm back! I've been painting, but not every day. I've been working on some larger paintings and will post them later. A friend brought these pansies over and I decided I just had to paint them. The bottle they're in is a Dr. Pepper bottle that I've saved many years. This little bottle was only produced for a short time--maybe a year. Glad I kept this one.

Today is drizzly and warm (70 degrees), but that's supposed to change this evening as a cold front passes through and brings us freezing temperatures and the possibility of snow flurries (yes, SNOW) tomorrow night. It's December--time for some cold weather.