Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DRIZZLY FALL DAY oil on board, 8x10

11/11/08 I drove to Tyler yesterday and this is an example of some of the scenery along the road. It drizzled, then stormed, then drizzled all day. The mist and fog were beautiful on the gently rolling hills along highway 69 as we drove to and from Tyler.

Monday, November 10, 2008

AUTUMN IN EAST TEXAS oil on board, 10x8

I drive the highway between my home and my parents' often and take pictures almost every trip. This is a scene I've photographed and painted several times. Now, the fall colors make it even more beautiful than ever.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ELECTION DAY oil on board, 7x5

I painted this from Karin Jurick's photo of our Capitol in Washington, D.C. I painted quickly and had lots of fun!

MY BIKE (plein air), oil on board, 8x10

I looked out on my back porch this morning and saw the sun shining on my bicycle. How exciting! So, I moved the bike out into the yard, set up my French easel on the porch, and painted this. What a wonderful morning it was--the sun shining, the temperature about 65-70 degrees, and no interruptions! I got lost in the paint and forgot about everything else. Heaven!
By the way, this is really my husband's bike, but I call it mine when he isn't listening. After all, I ride it more than he does.

I guess you've wondered where I was. I've been painting most days, but I've also been away from home some and not able to paint. I met Veila, a long-time friend, in Ft. Worth and we saw the Impressionist Exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum last Thursday. It was so inspiring! My favorite was van Gogh's Self-Portrait. I couldn't believe that I was actually 2 feet from the painting done by the hands and mind of Vincent van Gogh! Photographs in books are nice, but they don't show the "real" painting. Another favorite was one by Berthe Morisot which I had never seen before (don't remember the name of it). I enjoyed the exhibit immensely.

Earlier last week, I was also getting paintings ready for the Celebrate East Texas show and competition. I was excited Saturday night to learn I won Best of Show!