Saturday, June 14, 2008

oil on canvas, appr 6"x6"

This is my first daily painting done with a palette knife . I haven't painted with a palette knife in many years, but when I saw some of Tom Brown's palette knife paintings I became imspired to try it again. It was really fun. I combined 2 photos I took today on the way home from visiting my parents. One photo was of the horses and the other was of the storm clouds.


Tom Brown said...

Nice job on this! Wish you could have been with us this morning. I did a workshop for other plein air painters and we began the session with a couple of palette knife paintings to get into the swing of things. You would have enjoyed it. This one you did with the horses came out really nice. - Tom Brown

Susan Carlin said...

If you have two comments from me, it's because I'm not sure the first one "took." Anyway, I said that palette knife paintings just may be your forte. This painting is wonderful. Do more!